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Hi all, welcome to this month’s Presidents message, last one for 2023!!

We held our club Christmas Party on the 26 th of November at the Oxley Golf Club. We had about 45 people in attendance and 17 cars roll up of various makes and models and park in a roped off area. It seems as all in attendance enjoyed the afternoon and the buffet lunch provided.

Many prizes were on offer with a ladies award, a chrome bumper award, lucky door prizes, raffles, a trivia event and other giveaways to make the day a fun time for all. The weather was fantastic, normal for this time of year and the rain stayed away for the drive home.

So that now concludes the formalities for the year and we look forward to 2024 just a few short weeks away. We now begin to look at what we can plan for next year in an effort to drive the club forward and engage as many members as we can.

One event I’m personally looking forward to is a run down to Chryslers on the Murray in Albury/Wodonga in March. Forward planning has begun and I would like to hear from anyone considering going down this year. It’s imperative that we start early planning for accommodation as this is a very big event for the region.

Last year we had 8 people go there in 4 cars. We took close to 3 days to get there travelling a leisurely 500 odd kilometres per day so as not to stress the vehicles or the drivers. If you think you may want to join us for the event (we have 4 definite starters so far) please call Dave Sutton or myself to register your interest.

We have also had some feedback regarding the type of runs we do next year. It seems the club trailer barbeque format is popular and we haven’t done many of those lately. We will be including a few of those this year mixing that up with pub or other venue events where we travel to specific places of interest.

We will also look at another weekend run where we stay for a couple of nights and really get plenty of time to relax, get to know each other better and give the cars a decent country run.

We look forward to engaging with the other local Chrysler clubs where we tag along to their events or vice versa.

We had a couple of these runs in 2023 and at one we had over 40 cars with fantastic model diversity. And we got to meet a lot of great fellow enthusiasts, a win-win for all.

Well, it’s getting late, I’ve still got one oil change to do so I will get stuck into it.

I personally wish everyone a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy your holidays and family and I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Enjoy your rides people, cheers for now.

Greg Holburt COCQ President

Hi all, welcome to this month’s Presidents message.

Some may have noted my absence from the October club meeting and run, I’ve been busy with family matters interstate but are now very happy to be back home in Brisbane. Thanks to
everyone who took charge of things whilst I was away.

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Hi all, welcome to this month’s Presidents message.

September as always was a big month! 2023 Expo was a great success with more cars on field this year than we have seen for a while, we estimate between 250 and 300 display vehicles alone.

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Hi all, welcome to this month’s Presidents message.

In August we had 2 club runs, for the second month in a row, undertaken by a number of members. We had about 65 people in 42 cars go on our combined club run to Springwood Lions Club for a very nice pub meal. What a fantastic turn out and a site .....

Hi all, welcome to this month’s Presidents message.  I trust everyone had a great, safe festive season as we prepare to get on with 2023.  The traffic is getting back to normal (grid lock) after the little kiddies went back to school this week.

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Hi all, welcome to this month’s Presidents message.  I’ve been missing in action this month so I didn’t make the club meeting on the 16th or the club run on the 20th, I must do better!!  We were on a cruise to PNG which was great but Sue came home with Covid and I’m a bit under the .....

Hi all, welcome to this month’s Presidents message.  Well, another month has passed and another run had to be abandoned due to inclement weather, we’ve had a terrible time this year trying to get out for a run!  At least it seems the weather may have turned with hot sunny days .....